Here, we welcome our guests with a warm smile and attention to detail. Our team masters our menus, wines and cocktails, ready to enrich your experience. You are at the heart of everything we do, making every moment with us unique and special. Make yourself comfortable, everyone is welcome at Rioux & Pettigrew.

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History of Rioux & Pettigrew

Marcellin Pettigrew, originally from Isle-Verte, was entrusted to the Rioux family of family, who operated a grocery store. Sacks of flour and rice were sold, preserves, tea, wine and liqueurs. On Mr. Rioux’s death, the grocery store was entrusted to Marcelin, in exchange for a guarantee that he would look after his widow. The name “Rioux” was retained in his honor, although only Marcelin and his 4 sons ran the grocery thereafter. Rioux & Pettigrew became the most important food wholesaler in Quebec City. Marcelin’s son Lucien bought out his brothers’ shares in 1950, and later sold the company around 1957.

Restaurant at Rioux & Pettigrew

Looking for a Rioux & Pettigrew immersion experience? Come and discover our restaurant, where every dish and every service is steeped in the culinary heritage and know-how handed down over more than 160 years. At Rioux & Pettigrew, we celebrate quality and authenticity every day, for a unique gastronomic experience.

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Our culinary director and co-owner Dominic Jacques won Les Chefs! in 2012 and was named Chef of the Year in 2021 by the SCCPQ (Société des chefs, cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec).


I’m Dominic Jacques, chef & co-owner of Chez Rioux & Pettigrew. For 10 years now, I’ve had the opportunity to share my passion with my colleagues & you, our guests. We’re spreading the word about Quebec gastronomy, and we want to see it reflected on your plate. The Rioux family has carved out a place for itself among the greats of our region.  We could never have become what we are today without our dedicated team. I wish you an experience rich in flavor & authenticity at Chez Rioux & Pettigrew’.

Private rooms for all your events

At Rioux & Pettigrew, we also offer private rooms for all your special occasions. Whether for an intimate dinner, a wedding, or a special event, our private rooms offer the perfect setting to make your moment unforgettable.


The “Blanche” private room is a symbol of elegance and refinement located in the heart of Old Quebec. Perfect for intimate weddings, this sumptuous room offers an unforgettable setting for turnkey events. Whether for a wedding, a personal reception or a corporate event, the Salle Blanche is designed to meet all your requirements. 


The “Porcelaine” private room offers a unique and refined atmosphere in the heart of Old Quebec. It’s the perfect place to celebrate memorable private events. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a private room, the Porcelaine Room is the ideal choice!

Come and meet us!

Join us soon to discover a place where history and gastronomy meet, offering an unparalleled experience with every visit. At Rioux & Pettigrew, we don’t just serve food, we tell a story.

With this information, we hope you’ll be inspired to visit and savor the essence of our restaurant. Whether for dinner, a wedding or any other event, our private rooms are at your disposal to create lasting memories.